Expanding the Organic Material Evolution



BioInspiration ConcentrationsBioInspiration expands access to new bio-materials, inspired by and respectful of nature. All solutions must hold to the principles of Cradle-to-Cradle and Upcycling (Compostable or Reusable at the same production quality).

BioInspiration works in cooperation with industry partners, inventors and universities who have developed these materials to move them into wider use.  We offer both the raw materials for production by the Maker Community and work directly with manufacturers to integrate these bio-materials into existing products.

We orient ourselves on 6 Material Concentrations

Bio-Polymers  |  Bio-Resins  |  Fibers  |  Wood  |  Compounds  |  Processing Innovations

1) BioPolymers

Bio-plastics represent a dynamic opportunity because of the breadth of daily life that can be exchanged for these new materials. We work with mixing additional material sources such as ceramic, stone, metal, conductive materials to explore opportunities for advancing capabilities of bio-polymers.

2) BioResin

Bio-Resin for 3D printing offers an opportunity for decentralized production with a much higher production quality. Once the opportunity for use with 3D printing is established, we will be looking at combining Bio-Resin with other natural products to develop compound structures with a low environmental footprint and high functionality.

We are also engaging artist & special effects partners to help us push the boundaries of the material in real-world testing and development.

3) Fiber

BioInspiration believes that many of the processing methods utilized today, while allowing for rapid production, degrade the fundamental strength of the fiber as it is received from nature. When the fibers can be separated yet maintaining the natural strength, it opens a new potential for fiber as a production material.

New techniques can also open additional materials to cost-effective fiber production including polymer chains from non-fibrous raw material.

4) Wood

Wood is one of the oldest bio-materials used by humanity. BioInspiration will also integrate it into our offerings as a base component.

It is hard to improve on Mother Nature and with wood there isn’t much which hasn’t already been explored. We intend to develop alternate treatments of wood to protect it from weathering and infestation.  The target is a non-harmful treatment of the wood allows it to be used in health and pathogen sensitive application locations such as hospitals.

5) Compounds

Compounds involve combining various bio-materials to create an end product that is “more then the sum of its parts”.

By approaching the question from the perspective of Biomimicry, we are able to combine complimentary materials based on core properties and principles.  BioInspiration takes a systematic approach by identifying a specific need, and utilizing our material catalog to short-list potential solutions for testing.

6) Processing Innovations

BioInspiration sees material processing as central to expanding access to the Organic Material Evolution. By working with innovators who are developing alternative processing methodologies and cross-pollinating ideas between sectors – we see significant opportunity to reduce cost and increase quality of materials.

We work at both a macro and micro (chemical) level when considering these innovations and applications to raw materials